Tips for Potty Training Twins or Triplets

Tips for Potty Training Twins or Triplets

Potty training is a milestone. Potty training multiples? That’s a whole different level of adventure! While it might seem daunting, with patience, planning, and a sense of humor, you and your little ones can conquer this.

Readiness is Key

  • Individuality Rules: Even multiples develop at their own pace. Don’t force it because one child seems ready.
  • Signs to Watch For: The usual signs apply (see potty training for singletons), but pay close attention to each child’s cues.

Gear Up

  • Two (or More!) of Everything: Each child needs their own potty or toilet seat, and their own stash of rewards to minimize competition.
  • Customize if Possible: Different colored potties or stickers can designate “whose is whose”, helping create a sense of ownership.

Potty Training Strategies for Multiples

  • Decide: Together or Separate? Some kids thrive on the shared experience, others get overwhelmed. Experiment with both!
  • Teamwork is Essential Whether it’s a partner, family members, or friends, having extra hands makes ALL the difference with multiples.
  • Make it Fun Get goofy with potty songs, turn books about using the potty into dramatic readings…distraction is a lifesaver!

Managing the Chaos

  • Expect More Messes: It’s simply a mathematical fact. Cleaning supplies will be your new best friend.
  • Keep Calm and Clean On: Accidents happen (a lot!). Laughter beats frustration any day.
  • Patience x 10: There may be days one child “gets it” and the other regresses. Deep breaths, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!


  • “Should I use nighttime pull-ups with multiples?” This is a case-by-case decision. Night-training is usually a separate stage anyway.
  • “Help! My kids turn potty time into a competition.” Try focusing praise on effort, not just results, to reduce rivalry.

“Gear Up” Section

  • Potty Chairs or Toilet Seat Inserts:
  • Potty-Themed Board Books
  • Rewards
    • Colorful Sticker Charts: [Amazon Product] (Look for sets with a variety of designs for each child to have their own.)
    • Small Toys: Consider searching for “potty training prizes” for ideas (mini cars, bubbles, etc.) Things that come in multiples are ideal.
  • Bathroom Accessories
    • Fun Bath Rug: Search for kid-themed rugs to add warmth and visual interest to the bathroom space where potty training happens.


Potty training twins or triplets takes superhero-levels of patience, but it IS doable! Embrace the absurdity, celebrate every little victory, and remember…soon enough, the diaper days will be a distant (and vaguely messy) memory.