Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Snow Days

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Snow Days

Snow days are the best kind of surprise! But after the initial thrill of no school, kids (and parents!) can get a case of cabin fever. Let’s turn being stuck inside into a day of fun!

Get Creative & Crafty

  • Beyond Coloring Books: Break out construction paper, stickers, glitter – mix it up! Try making nature collages with items collected on a quick walk.
  • DIY Playdough: A few simple ingredients equal loads of sensory fun. Search online for easy recipes (usually flour, salt, oil, etc.).
  • Build an Epic Fort: Blankets, pillows, chairs…the more ambitious, the better! Bonus points for cozying up inside with a flashlight and a good book.

Active Indoor Fun

  • Obstacle Courses: Pillows on the floor, jump over toys, crawl under a table – get those wiggles out!
  • Dance Party! Crank up the tunes and let everyone show off their silliest moves.
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Hide treats or simple objects. Clues can be rhymes, riddles, or even drawings for younger kids.

Learning Through Play

  • Family Game Tournament: Break out the board games – the older and quirkier, the better!
  • Put on a Play: Write a simple skit, raid the dress-up bin, and let imaginations take the stage.
  • “Snow Day Science”: Did you know you can make “snow” with baking soda? Look online for easy kitchen science experiments.

Cozy Up & Connect

  • Make Hot Cocoa & Tell Stories: Is there anything cozier? Share funny family memories or make up silly tales together.
  • Snuggle Up With a Bookathon: Declare a “reading challenge” and see who can read the most pages in an hour.
  • Write a Letter to a Friend: Embrace the joy of snail mail! Kids can decorate their letters and practice writing skills.


  • “My kids fight when stuck inside, help!” Structure is key! Rotate activities to keep things fresh.
  • “Need screen-free ideas?” Absolutely! Focus on the hands-on activities above.

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With a bit of creativity, snow days become an adventure even without setting foot outside! The best part? These memories will last far longer than the snow on the ground.