Creative Ways to Celebrate Major Holidays at Daycare

Creative Ways to Celebrate Major Holidays at Daycare

Holidays bring a special kind of magic, and daycare offers a wonderful space to share that joy! Let’s dive into fun, meaningful ways to celebrate with kids of all ages.

Holiday Celebrations with a Purpose

  • Focus on Learning & Exploration: Where did the holiday come from? Read stories or watch age-appropriate videos.
  • Fostering Inclusivity: Holidays are celebrated differently around the world. Share diverse traditions!
  • Emphasizing Kindness & Giving: Could your group collect food donations or create cards for seniors?

Creative Celebration Ideas (by Holiday)

  • Fall/Harvest Festivals: Nature walks to collect colorful leaves, pumpkin-themed sensory play, making gratitude crafts.
  • Winter Holidays: Decorate the room, learn simple holiday songs, have a “Cozy Pajama Day” with hot cocoa.
  • Spring Celebrations: Plant seeds, host an egg hunt (non-candy prizes are fun too!), read stories about new beginnings.

Adapting for All Ages

  • Toddlers & Pre-school: Keep it simple, sensory, and focused on PLAY. Fingerpaints, dress-up, and music are always a hit.
  • Elementary-Age: They can handle more complex crafts, writing activities, and discussions about the “why” behind holidays.


  • “What if a child’s family doesn’t celebrate?” Focus on the secular aspects (kindness, seasons, etc.) and inclusivity.
  • “We’re short on time and resources.” Even small things matter! A special storytime or song session makes a difference.

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Daycare celebrations should be about more than just parties. By focusing on learning, giving back, and the simple joy of the season, you’ll create holiday memories that last far beyond the decorations!